M-zawadi Loyalty Group is a Kenyan-based organization dedicated to crafting and delivering customized business solutions, tailored to meet the diverse needs of various industries. With our headquarters situated in Nairobi, Kenya, we extend our services to Kampala, Uganda and are expanding our footprint across the broader East African region.

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M-zawadi Loyalty

M-zawadi Loyalty Program introduces a novel paradigm in customer engagement, offering experiential rewards that surpass conventional discounts.

Coupon Kenya

Coupon Kenya helps brands come up with creative campaign strategies anchored on technology to foster participation and connection.


Through our digital voucher solution, brands can incentivize their customers with e-vouchers either on special occasions, whenever a milestone is achieved etc.

Soko Jumla

With our Route to Market and Sales Force Automation tools, Manufacturers and FMCGs can streamline their route to market by automating the product ordering processes.
nyumba mkononi

Nyumba Mkononi

Nyumba Mkononi, meaning "a house in the palm of your hand", is dedicated to making affordable housing accessible to all Kenyans especially those in the mid and low-income.


This is a digital savings wallet, a groundbreaking platform designed to empower Kenyans to save incrementally for their everyday needs.

Soko Pesa

SokoPesa is a personnel financial empowerment and management platform that uses a P2P Agency Model, aimed at provision of credit to SMEs and MSMEs..
sacco hisa

Sacco Hisa

Sacco Hisa offers a cutting-edge solution for Saccos, harnessing technology to streamline the process of disposing and acquiring shares through an online platform.
wakili ai

Wakili AI

WakiliAI is an innovative platform that harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to provide essential legal information to the Kenyan people.

AI Mechanic

AI Mechanic is your one-stop platform for conducting in-depth car diagnostics to interpreting error code and providing effective solutions.

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We develop customer centric loyalty programs and other digital solutions that do not just help you reward your customers, but also understand them beyond transactions.