Attract customers to your brand no matter where, when, or how .With mzawadi loyalty program, you Don’t only retain, we help you Acquire, Interact and create Experiential rewards that remain memorable


Engage your clients sits at the convergence of loyalty and experience, delivering against demanding member expectations and business objectives .With Mzawadi,you don’t  don’t only engage, you interact and learn your clients.


We don’t give you a software, we give your company a solution that  turns a round your  business and helps you create dynamic  and experiential  rewards.


Increasing customer life time value, rewarding loyalty, motivating most loyal customers will reduce your business’s customer acquisition coast by huge Margins.Blue ocean strategy is our what our mZawadi help you achieve.


Disruption is popular. Cutthroat competitors within a shrinking profit pool is an all too familiar scenario for 21st-century organisations. Markets become saturated, growth rates diminish, and profit margins shrink. What if we told you that there’s a way to escape this relentless, vicious circle?We have tested cases of companies using Mzawadi loyalty program to create differentiation guided by the principles of high impact, low cost and rapid execution.Let our team hold your hand from Red Oceans to Blue oceans using Loyalty.

Blue ocean

Which solution fits your business?

Get More From Your Customers. Join leading brands and retailers using Mzawadi to engage thousands of customers one-to-one at scale with proven Customer Loyalty.

Channel Loyalty

Increase profitability, expand territory, reduce cost of sales. Whatever sales target you’re aiming for, Mzawadi  implements and delivers best in class incentive programs that produce positive results.Reward your channel partners from distributors , wholesalers to  Retailers .Read More 

Consumer Incentives

Wanting to reward your customers? Mzawadi helps you deliver a superior consumer rebate program experience, engage consumers, build deeper relationships and gain actionable market insights and build lasting customer connectivity. Our consumer  loyalty programme fits into all industries : Manufacturing , Hospitality, Retail, FMCGs,Insurance, Finance and Petroleum .Read More


You always wondered how you can provide coupons  to your clients.We are the first company in Kenya to introduce manufacturers coupons,Influence and store coupons.With our digital coupons, you have don’t have to worry, No more printing costs,no reconciliations,no 3rd partie.We have all in one coupon solution that will change how you do promotions .Read More

Why our loyalty solution leads

Easy Infrustructure

mzawadi loyalty program is made to fit into the profile and complexity of your clients .Your business has options of offering mobile based rewards using clients phone numbers or Cards .Our flexibility is unparalleled , custom made , simple and created to fit into your client’s needs


mzawadi loyalty program platforms enable you to target offers, content, campaigns and communications to individual segments of your base in real-time . From rewarding, creating incentives/rebates/rewards to redemption , we customize each segment to fit into your client profiles . From laxury brands, high or low market chains to complex clients , we create an experience.

Easy Uptake

Why invest in traditional infrastructure, rigorous and complex promotions while mzawadi loyalty program can plug you into the most dynamic loyalty platform in the market?We understand the dynamics of african market and therefore developed a local solution that fits into your strategy and your expectation within the shortest time.

Blue Ocean

mzawadi loyalty program  gives you a solution that shifts your business from the competition into a blue ocean.We power your strategy and make enable your business turn around its objectives in the shortest time .From channel loyalty to retail , we create experiential loyalty that will make your business stop competing and instead create its own competition.

Client Acquisition

Loyalty is not just about retention, mzawadi loyalty program offers your business a 360 degree angle to client life circle. From acquisition using our simple yet powerful advertising, targeted promotion and referral tools creating dynamic rewarding matrix, diverse redemption to interactive tools.

Business Intelligence

We believe that personalization is dependent on analyzing client behaviors ,utilizing business analytics to find the most important drivers of creating experience. Mzawadi loyalty program answers key business challenges and develops differentiated marketing strategies and tactics to meet your goals.


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