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M-zawadi is a cardless loyalty program that is customizable to suit specific needs of any business. Over the years, our team has innovated digital solutions that have helped companies create unique customer experiences and incentives, transform their promotional strategies and diversify their business strategies.

As a business solutions company, we have worked with a huge portfolio of clients in Manufacturing, FMCG, Insurance, Banking & Saccos, Hospitality, Energy & Petroleum, Tours & Travel and Retail industries, helping them implement their strategies in more efficient and cost effective way.

Our team has provided companies with different digital solutions that have transformed and diversified their customer experiences and incentives, enhanced their promotional strategies and completely reshaped their business strategies. We have worked with local and multinational companies in helping them implement their strategies in a more efficient and cost effective way.


M-zawadi was born out of an opportunity that was initially identified in the SME space. There was the perception that loyalty programs were only designed for the big retail stores and that SMEs (i.e. Mama Mbogas, Taxi Drivers, Salons & Barber Shops etc.) did not have the capability or capacity to reward their customers. And so an idea to provide them with a simple mobile based reward system was conceived and launched in 2016. However, we innovated and enhanced our solution to cater for the corporate space less than a year later, where corporates can use our solution to streamline their value chain operations and have more visibility of what was happening on the ground. Since then, we have rolled out our solution to numerous corporate clients in the Manufacturing and FMCG sector, Banks, Saccos and Microfinance Institutions, Insurances, Hospitality, Energy & Petroleum as well as the Retail industry. M-zawadi Loyalty Program has evolved to include innovations that address different business needs like reducing acquisition costs, enhancing customer engagement and retention, running promos and exploiting value chain potential.

To be the leading digital solutions provider in Kenya, that enables brands create experiential customer incentives.

To continuously provide innovative solutions through customized incentives and vast redemption ecosystems within the value chain.


Through continuous innovation, we aspire to be a transformative force in the East African corporate and SME business landscape within the next 4 years, by providing solutions that enable the corporates and SMEs to maximize, harness and exceed their potential. We strongly believe that East African and by extension African businesses, need access to customized, diversified and integratable solutions that give them a competitive edge for sustainable growth. That’s why we offer customized solutions and an unrivalled ecosystem of partners to create better customer experiences.

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We develop customer centric loyalty programs and other digital solutions that do not just help you reward your customers, but also understand them beyond transactions.