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For over 6 years, we have transformed customer experience,acquisition and retention for dozens of companies in Africa.

Applicable industries

We customise our loyalty and business solutions to fit into different industries .The following is our current footprint


Make every partner in your route to market loyal.Create competitive incentives and an omnichannel customer experience CRM that will differentiate you from your competition.Take your sales to another level while automating the channel experience.

Saccos and Banks

Gaining customer loyalty becomes a key objective banking organizations in the world. Customer loyalty defines loyalty as “a deeply held commitment between a bank and its customers’ .We have one of the most robust, experiential and dynamic loyalty program in the industry


Creating incentives for your distribution chain and making your channel partners has never been easy. We have crafted a diverse and flexible loyalty program to not only help defining your route to market, but also creating incentives all through your channel partnership and consumers.


We provide creative suit of solution for major retailers in East Africa.We give a dynamic solution that transforms your POS into a full fledged customer experience platform with ability to create incentives, do surveys, engage with your clients and do promotions in real-time.


Mzawadi loyalty takes pride for creating loyalty program that will not only help your insurance firm avoid fierce competition, but help your penetrate difficult market segments but create differentiation into your offerings and increase client acquisition like no other.


We enhance experience in hospitality industry to create loyalty that leads to robust referrals, return customers, reduced cost of doing promotions, advertising and engagement .This is the leading solutions that will turn your customers to a loyal army of ambassadors.

Promotional services

We are the leading digital promotion provider that helps your business run NCPs, e-gifts ,manufacturer's coupons ,scratch and win campaigns , cashbacks etc. By using our platform, your business will achieve the following;

  • Reduce the cost  promotions and advertising by 40%
  • Reduce turn around time for promotions by 60%
  • Increase reach and acquisition by 40%
  • Transform visibility and tracking in the value chain.
  • Turn your promotions into sales and increase promotional ROI by 30%.
  • Increase loyalty by 30% and reduce churn rate by 15%.
  • 90% chance of achieving ROI and sales targets.
  • Transform your Route to market.


Our portifolio

We have dozens of clients across different industries ranging from Manufacturing, FMCGs, Petrol stations, retail, insurance, hospitality among others.We pride ourselves as the biggest loyalty and incentive programme in Kenya.