Mzawadi Lite

Mzawadi lite

drive repeat sales

Their is no better way to drive sales than rewarding your most loyal customers. Higher retention means, more profits and reduced marketing expenditure.

Track and GET DATA.

Knowing whose is buying from you, how often and how much they spend is critical for a small business .M-zawadi loyalty gives advanced data and help you track and reward the most loyal customers .


Acquiring new clients and advertising forms a major cost for any business. Use M-zawadi loyalty promote and give offers to customers.


With M-zawadi lite, no computer is needed, clients ONLY need mobile number .M-zawadi can also seamlessly integrate into any POS giving you flexibility and low investment into the loyalty .

Choose the perfect plan

M-zawadi lite give flexibility for businesses to choose the best plan that best suits their business.

Kes 1000

Per month

Kes 2000

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Kes 3000

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Frequently asked questions

Any business no matter hos small it is, should reward their clients. FromĀ  small grocery shop, Mitumba seller, barber shop to the biggest retailer needs to create a loyalty program for their customers.

M-zawadi loyalty is supposed to help you lock-in your clients when you most need them. By rewarding them, you will save cost for bringing new clients and therefore saving your business costs.

Loyalty is different from promotions.You promote to acquire new clients, you use m-zawadi lite to keep them.However, we have also added functionalities to enable you run promotions like coupons, discounts and also redeem gift cards , which ordinarily are ONLY available in more expensive system.

Our clients range from Beauty and cosmetics, wellness , retailers, Barber shops ,groceries, petrol stations ,hotels and restaurants , pharmacies and many other service industries in East Africa.

Simply click the link below the package you want to have, fill the form or call our customer service lines to assist you register your business into the program.

We charge monthly fees, but its paid quarterly upfront. You are allowed to upgrade any time .

Our clients say

"We never new the importance of rewarding our clients until we stated using Mzawadi lite. Our business has grown, we can now track our clients and promote our services more effectively.
Fusion Hair
Spa & Spa
"Many businesses like us thought loyalty is for ONLY supermarkets until we took M-zawadi. Our clients are now more happy and always refer friends to our business.
Quintin Angus