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Transform your sales and marketing

You cannot concur markets if you cannot streamline your route to market anfd offer differentiate incentives through our solutions.

Leading loyalty CRM in Africa

We have made intentional strides to transform how brands do promotions .reward clients and automate customer experience.

How loyalty is used by FMCG and Manufacturers

Transforming how  sales, customer experience and marketing can be transformed using our CRM takes the following angles 

Increase sales volumes at retail level

Retailers sale your competitor products and they form the most important link between your business and clients.By creating distribution loyalty, you are able to ensure incentives move from distributor to the retail and subsequently to consumers while also making retailers your most loyal customers .

Sales promotions

Our CRM helps you do coupons and cashback through GT and modern trade.This are important channels that traditionally your business is not able to accurately or within a short time able to run promotions any time-any day without involving merchandisers or agencies . This transforms your sales strategy and gives your business flexibility and innovation opportunities.

Omni-channel communication

Our CRM gives you access to channel partners or consumers in our portal.We have comprehensive chatroom, Bulk SMS, trivial, Surveys and many consumers engagement tools that shall make your customers stick and share your brand.

How Can I Change My Shipping Address?

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Offer automatted rebates across the chain

Our platform offers both volume based and target based loyalty programme that helps your business push for high sales volume within the channel while also giving your business crucial sales data.

Transform your reporting and data

Being blind in the channel or consumers is the biggest cost to a company.By using this incentive CRM ,companies are able to know where they are undertaking promotions with,, behavious and critical business intelligence which otherwise supermakets and GT are not able to provide. Our platfrom gives you a 360 degree high view of how your channel is functioning and how it behaves with diffeent rebates and incentives.

Saccos and Banks

Differentiation in service industry is difficult .Cost of doing business impacts the bottom line and profits margins are always shrinking.mZawadi loyalty has trnasformed incentives , customer experience and engagement in this industry in a way that has not been done before.