Redeem your gift voucher right from your mobile phone anwhere in our partner outlets

Let your loved ones not to be limited by their choice of store but the choice of gifted. We focus on experience and memories to give you or your organization a variety to choose from.

A network of Over 5,000 outlets in Kenya and 1500 global network of redemption partners

Give your employees, loved ones and clients e-vouchers and let them create memorable moments

We don’t limit your choice of redemptions. We allow tailor make your experience to suit the people you want to Gift.

You don’t find the store you want to redeem from? Tell us your preference and we will make it happen.


Transform your gifting

Our e-Vouchers /Gifts mean you’re never short of options for maximising the spending power in your people’s pockets, and your employees/loved ones have even more ways to use them!

Corporate Gifting

M-zawadi e-voucher system gives your business a way of interacting with your customers, employee, prospective client, or partner through a gift to express gratitude and appreciation. Your company nolonger needs to order thousands of vouchers from retailers .Your ONLY need a click of a button and your beneficiaries can choose from thousands of our outlets to redeem their vouchers.

Individual Gifting

Gifting your loved ones, friends and partners has never been easy. From a small business to your network , you can now choose from thousands of outlets in Kenya to send your loved ones to pick a gift.No paperwork or tedious process, ONLY a mobile phone and they are ready to redeem and get a gift. From Birthdays, Anniversaries, special holidays and events, we are able to give you the most simplified and dynamic voucher system in Kenya.

Convert points to Gift voucher

M-zawadi becomes the First company to help your convert ANY points currency for your business to a memorable and tangible gift vouchers .We expose you to our network and help your business create memories for your clients . We connect you to the universe of collaborative networks making it easier for your business to have diverse options of rewards and experiences.


We have the biggest network of partners in the country giving your organization and loved ones diverse options to choose from. We carefully select brands form different segments of the industry to help your organization not only create memories to their clients but keep heir staff happy and motivated

Join our thousands of clients that are changing how gifting is done.

Right from your company desk,award incentives, gifts or vouchers on a click of a button and give you nolonger need paperwork. M-zawadi believes, that gifting is not conditional but creating memories and emotionally connecting the loved ones to their choice of gift.


Kennedy Kirwa-HR Inuka Foundation

We have transformed how we reward our staff. We no longer limit them to their choice of gifts .Particulary during Covid -19 , paperless gifting became the ‘new normal’

JJohn Kiweru-HR Policy options Kenya

The future we thought was far, has been created by Mzawadi. Our clients gave great feedback because of the choices we gave them and the ease of redemption anywhere in every county in Kenya.

Our team will reach you in order to understand your needs