Customer engagement can be made more exciting with other platforms other than through just SMS engagement. M-zawadi loyalty program takes an omnichannel customer engagement approach that streamlines all the interactions across multiple touch-points in a unified way.

This gives brands an opportunity to engage their customers on digital channels, SMS or email from a single platform, thus making it easier and convenient for brands to do targeted communication.

With the data collected through the platform, brands can craft different marketing communication to pass certain messages to individuals or groups. For instance, during a day like Mother’s Day, a brand can communicate to all the ladies in their database about a complimentary offer on a product or service. This targeted communication is key to building a personalized relationship between the target group and the brand.

Our platform has gone further to introduce Trivias, which creates more fun and excitement in engaging with the customers.

Through this platform, brands can easily increase the engagement levels with their consumers and even have higher conversion rates. Furthermore, research has shown that consumers are likely to give better, more honest feedback when they’re engaged through fun activities. By using Trivia, brands can;

  1. Gather consumer feedback in a fun way.
  2. Do product launches or pre-launches to try and understand reception by consumers.
  3. Do a post launch product analysis.
  4. Gather data on customer product knowledge.
  5. Cross sell.

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