Through our digital voucher solution, brands can incentivize their customers with e-vouchers either on special occasions, whenever a milestone is achieved etc. They no longer have to wait until the end of the year to start shopping for vouchers to appreciate their customers and staff. This platform provides an efficient, effective and convenient way for brands to reward their customers or staff with e-vouchers, with unlimited redemption options.

It’s all about the experience, where the customers or staff have the flexibility to redeem their vouchers from over 700,000 redemption outlets across all the counties countrywide, as opposed to the current scenario where they’re boxed into one area of redemption: specific supermarkets.

We have over 700,000 voucher redemption outlets countrywide!


The freedom to redeem a voucher for what one feels is their immediate need will not only add value to the customer or staff, but will also have a direct impact on the output on the brand. Staff will most likely be motivated to deliver more and customers are likely to increase their spending power or cycle. The overall objective is to keep the customer engagement going and motivate to keep buying from you, increase employee productivity and enhance consumer brand loyalty.

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We develop customer centric loyalty programs and other digital solutions that do not just help you reward your customers, but also understand them beyond transactions.