Most brands have been running promotions through buy one get one free or scratch and win activations, where customers stand a chance to win incentives like airtime or merchandise. While these channels have been successful in their own ways, there has been little or no innovations around the promotion space. This has seen participation levels in most promotions or product activations declining, coupled with the increase in commodity prices.

The cost of running such promotions is also prohibitive especially for companies with small budgets that can’t cover for Above the Line (ATL) or Out of Home (OOH) advertising costs, which are exorbitant. Most can’t also afford agencies or merchandisers to run advertisements for them and for those who can, the costs more often than not do not return the expected ROI. This has led to most brands opting not to do any ATL or OOH activities and concentrate more on Below the Line (BTL), which doesn’t give as much value as would be expected.

Due to the need to innovate around this space, M-zawadi introduced these solutions that are revolutionizing the promotions space;

  1. The first ever Manufacturers Coupons in Kenya and East Africa.
  2. Automated Cashback platform
  3. Digital Promotion Vouchers

Manufacturers Coupons

For the first time, Manufacturers and FMCGs have the opportunity to revolutionize how they do promotions and give more value to their consumers through digital coupons that can be used not just in Modern Trade (MT) but also in the General Trade (GT). With this coupons platform, they can give high value coupons limited to a certain time or day e.g. weekend promos, promos on specific days or times, monthly promos etc. These are seasonal promotions that do not need to involve agencies or other third parties in planning, neither do they need huge budgets for ATL or OOH advertisements. Besides flexibility and easier planning, running coupons promos gives better ROI through tracking of participation levels in MT or GT and analyzing buying trends in order to offer more value. With most promotions or product activations being run on brick and motor channels, brands have the opportunity to adopt this digital solution to not only make their promotions easier, but also tap into untapped markets, right from the comfort of their offices.

Service Coupons

Players in the service industry for instance hospitality, financial institutions health and fitness etc., can also use this digital coupons platform to issue limited high value coupons to their consumers, to give them a different experience.

Automated Cashback Platform

To give consumers better tangible value, brands can give their consumers cash back upon purchase through an automated process. The cash back can be to their mobile money as M-pesa, or can be accumulated through an e-wallet to be redeemed at a later stage as M-pesa.


Digital Promotion Vouchers

This platform will allow a brand to run promotions and incentivize their consumers with digital vouchers. The brick and motor platform has been the use of physical vouchers that are limited to redemption only from specific outlets, and in most cases select supermarkets. With digital vouchers, consumers have the freedom to choose where to redeem their vouchers, from over 700,000 outlets across the country.

The benefits of using these digital promotions platforms include;

  1. Automating promotions or product activations.
  2. Reduction of the cost of doing promotions by over 70%.
  3. Reduction of the time taken in planning any promotion by over 80%.
  4. Tracking the success of campaigns to realize ROI.
  5. Gather data on participants and participation levels.
  6. Easily deployable in General Trade as opposed to Modern Trade where most of the promotions are done.
  7. Easy access by consumers through smart or feature phones.
  8. Consumers get better value and thus brand loyalty and recall rate is enhanced.