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Disruption is popular. Cut-throat competitors within a shrinking profit pool is an all too familiar scenario for 21st-century organizations. Markets become saturated, growth rates diminish, and profit margins shrink. What if we told you that there’s a way to escape this relentless, vicious circle?

We have tested cases of companies using the M-Zawadi loyalty program to create differentiation guided by the principles of high impact, low cost, and rapid execution. Let our team hold your hand from Red Oceans to Blue oceans using loyalty 

Customized Loyalty Programs

The M-zawadi loyalty program is a strategic rewards platform that is anchored on the Blue Ocean Strategy. It is a powerful mobile based incentive platform, that is customizable to suit the specific needs of any brand. With presence in all industries from Manufacturing, FMCGs, Insurance, Banks, Microfinances & Saccos, Petroleum & Energy and Hospitality, this loyalty platform has been tried, tested and proven to work.

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Digital Promotion Tools

Most brands have been running promotions through buy one get one free or scratch and win activations, where customers stand a chance to win incentives like airtime or merchandise. While these channels have been successful in their own ways, there has been little or no innovations around the promotion space. This has seen participation levels in most promotions or product activations declining, coupled with the increase in commodity prices.

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Digital Vouchers Platform

Through our digital voucher solution, brands can incentivize their customers with e-vouchers either on special occasions, whenever a milestone is achieved etc. They no longer have to wait until the end of the year to start shopping for vouchers to appreciate their customers and staff. This platform provides an efficient, effective and convenient way for brands to reward their customers or staff with e-vouchers, with unlimited redemption options.

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Customer Engagement Tools

Customer engagement can be made more exciting with other platforms other than through just SMS engagement. M-zawadi loyalty program takes an omnichannel customer engagement approach that streamlines all the interactions across multiple touch points in a unified way. This gives brands an opportunity to engage their customers on digital channels, SMS or email from a single platform, thus making it easier and convenient for brands to do targeted communication.

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Route to Market & SFA Tools

Maximizing on the value chain potential especially for Manufacturers and FMCGs means having clear visibility on what is happening in the product movement funnel as well as connecting and engaging with all value chain players; from distributors to stockists.

With our digital Route to Market and Sales Force Automation tools, Manufacturers and FMCG companies can streamline their route to market by automating the product ordering processes and having visibility on the whole chain. Through these solutions, brands can run digital campaigns and even create incentives to motivate distributors, wholesalers and retailers to drive purchases.

Manufacturers or FMCGs can use these solutions to create incentives for value chain players and run digital coupons or cash back promotions in GT thus giving them an opportunity to tap into the GT space that is otherwise considered unstructured and chaotic, yet this is where most purchases take place.

Through these platforms, Manufacturers now have the opportunity to reduce their cost of doing business and can directly pass discounts to the stockists who in most cases never get the discount passed to them by the distributors or wholesalers.

Training & Consultancy

We believe in continuous improvement and enhancement to meet changing needs and create solutions that can handle any challenges in the social-economic sphere. Through our training and consultancy arm Tally International Consultancy, we support every aspect of your business, from staff development, understanding and nurturing talent, identifying gaps in staff or business processes and practices, growth strategy interrogation as well as controlling expenditure while sustaining profitability.

We have worked with numerous organizations and multinational companies in Kenya and the Pan-African region, to change their business models either in form of repositioning of value proposition to their audiences, inclusion of technology to lower their cost of doing business, creating better relations with value chain players, maximizing on collaborations, alternative revenue generation channels, business priorities and so much more.

This is all done using our own methodologies based on an Amazon best-selling book, “The Spider Web Strategy - Collaboration is The New Innovation”, a strategy book that has been developed by our CEO and is being studied by business students and academia professionals.

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We develop customer centric loyalty programs and other digital solutions that do not just help you reward your customers, but also understand them beyond transactions.